Anne of Cleves House

Lewes, East Sussex, England

This handsome Tudor house that once belonged to Thomas Cromwell before being given to Anne by Henry VIII, on their divorce, is more than 500 years old. It's now surrounded by more modern buildings but in its time would have been a prestigious rural household. Unfortunately a full record of former tenants no longer exists but it was once sold to Richard Kyme, whose voice we may have captured in the Lewes Gallery and is featured on the video.

It's very easy to feel at home in Anne's beautiful house, despite it being open to the public it retains a very personal atmosphere. Of course it hasn't been just Anne's house, which is why we picked up such a diverse range of voices. Some of those we heard from we assume to be related to the Tudor era but EVP clips 2 and 5, sound much more recent in their phraseology.

The building sits on the outskirts of the town centre on a fairly busy minor road. Whilst road noise is not overly intrusive in the recording, certain voice clips were discounted because of those walking by. It would be effortless to loose yourself in time here but we had only a short window to record in before the entry of other visitors, nevertheless the recordings are noteworthy for their contextual content.