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    April 2018

    After such an incredible sitting in March, we were eagerly looking forward to sitting, however apart from the room being set exactly as it was before, it could not have been a more different atmosphere. Both Tracey and Rachel had experienced tremendous stress during the week prior to sitting; whether that led to the odd experience we are not sure.

    There were plentiful lights reported of various colours and sizes, and synchronous EVP captured too but the flow of phenomena was staggered and there appeared to be little contact with the group's regular communicators. What was unexpected was the amount of clear EVP on the recording.

    EVP 1: Rachel reported a wide flash of blackness behind Tracey. Shortly after the name Lucifer is called very clearly. We sincerely doubt that this is Old Nick himself and is more likely a mischevious entity playing a prank. Whilst there is no harm done to us and it provided much mirth on review, it illustrates the point that psychicial research is not for the feint hearted or those who are easily frightened.

    EVP 1: Lucifer

    EVP 2: Tracey was describing a moving white mist that was passing the cabinet but was preempted by a male voice saying over-bright; Rachel had previously conveyed a request from a communicator for the light level to be turned down. The phrase is said very quickly at the beginning of the clip.

    EVP 2: Over-bright

    EVP 3: Tracey felt strongly that there was a presence behind her but Rachel was unable to see any evidence of this in the room; the EVP is an indication that Tracey was correct. It is not uncommon for EVP voices to portray their frustration at our inability to sense them.

    EVP 3: You always say that

    EVP 4: Sometimes it is very hard to understand an EVP capture and this next clip will be a challenge to even those who regularly analyse recordings. There is no context to the language content, there are multiple voices, both sexes and mixed accents. Rochelle was Rachel's nick name when she was in her late teens in Austria. Cup of tea is spoken with a North-East English accent.

    EVP 4: Oh stay down - where are we? - go Rochelle - cup of tea

    EVP 5: In common with the previous EVP, this clip contains multiple voices but the content is much more interesting; as a group we actively try to initiate contact with entities outside of humanity and to capture a reference to SETI - the Search for Extra Terrestrestrial Intelligence, is curious. We have a further capture asking "if the call sign is go", could this be contact we have been waiting for?

    EVP 5: I can't listen to her - Wild Woods to SETI - why are you dirty?

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