seance april 2020

  • This was the first remote sitting due to enforced lockdown. It is not ideal but it has provided an opportunity to try a new experiment. The call was by video, with me sitting in red light. Both Tracey and I had subtitles switched on, that reiterated our conversation, and optimistically for the words of our communicators to be displayed. A digital recorder was used to capture an audio mirror of any words communicators managed to convert in to subtitles.

    We had no expectation of immediate success. Whilst there are only three EVP that correspond with subtitiles and not all are clear, it's a promising start to independent, live two way communication, which surely has to be every researcher's goal.

    EVP 1: This is not an easy clip to fathom without an explanation. The first voice you hear is of a male communicator speaking, then Tracey reports seeing the word "KNOWING" in subtitles on her screen. I say that I'm cold, before sternly telling Basil the cat "no".

    EVP / Text: knowing her

    EVP 2: Shortly after begining the video call and turning on the subtitiles, the word "HELLO" appeared when clearly we hadn't spoken. The male communicators breathy greeting can easily be heard just before it appears on the screen.

    EVP / text: hello

    EVP 3: The first word on this clip is a very short and sharp word, just before "WOW" was reported on Tracey's screen. This isn't easy to hear due to its close proximity to Tracey's repetition of the word.

    EVP / text: wow

    EVP 4: We are well aware that we are not the ones who are in control of communication. Gladly we do what we can to help our communicators develop a strong channel for contact but sometimes it's like shooting in the dark. It's interesting that the EVP refers to energy when we were talking about how communicators might create sound waves to trigger the creation of text, if that's how it works.

    EVP: the energy

    EVP 5: Despite not being overly loud, the gentleman's voice is neverthelss easily heard and is a direct response to my comment. It's always nice to obtain advice and reassurance that we are doing the right thing, and recorders will most definitely always be used in experiments and sittings.

    EVP: we want to do the recorders

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