seance april 2021

  • It was a delight to be able to link once again with our friends in a seance, and they certainly didn't disappoint us in coming forward to speak. It was a more informal sitting that we're used to and the cabinet wasn't used. Instead we sat with just the fire to light the room, which worked very well. There were two distinct knocks in response to questions and one reported light anomaly. Considering it's been a long time since the last seance, we are encouraged by the communication we received and are looking forward to the next sitting.

    For this sitting, the light was a dim orange fire-glow, it was bright enough to clearly see the room and we hadn't attempted full blackout conditions. It's interesting that the speaker is directing others to stay away from the light, is it detrimental to thier ability to manifest or do they not want to be physicaly seen?

    keep out of the light

    At the time of this capture, mentally I was receiving impressions of Berlin during the period of WWII. I have no recall of a soldier that is known to us, that had connections to the Somme but we may well have in the archive. For the majority of recordings, speakers only communicate with the first name and many are unable to provide their rank or number.

    well we have had the soldier from the somme

    This is a very clear voice but it's meaning is lost on us. Does the speaker physically hold a piece of jewellery? For years we asked for an apport, and only once was a coin found under my chair in 15 years. A ring would be very nice to receive.

    i have the ring with me

    Quite what is over Birmingham is open to question. We had been discussing UAP but the speaker might equally be referring to a location north of the city, such is the frustration of EVP research. Without immediate review, it's impossible to contextualise captures and be certain of their meaning.

    it's over birmingham

    I have a new consultant, and I wondered if those who care for my welfare were able to give me their thoughts.

    yeah feels a good one

    Last Sitting