seance april 2022

  • It's hard to convey, how excited we are not just to return to physical sitting after a very long break, but to once again have a dedicated seance room!

    Although I was fortunate in having an outbuilding that was converted after moving to my new house, it was far from perfect and the English weather made controlling the conditions, almost impossible. There was a dramatic difference between the vibration of the Furzey Hill Circle and this room, the phenomena decreased markedly.

    Since then, I have had bilateral breast cancer, a brain tumour, eye surgery and a few more maladies besides. There were times not so long ago, that I honestly wondered if my time for sitting in a physical circle had passed. But I am more than relieved to say, I was worrying needlessly.

    The joy of having a room where we are beyond human and climate interruption is invaluable for EVP experimentation and successful physical seances. Having confidence in our blackout conditions, is crucial for the development of certain types of physical phenomena, both visible and audible.

    As we entered under the familiar warm red light, the atmosphere felt cosy and safe. The opening prayer was said, and it was not long before irregular, yet familiar knocking and thumping began; it sounds as if furniture being moved in another room and someone is moving around the house.

    Mentally hearing a request for darkness, I turned off the light and we chatted, whilst awaiting further instruction. The blackness brought a feeling that the dimension of the room was changing, and with it the temperature noticably cooled. It was at this point, I requested phenomena that was visible to us all. What happened next rather took our breath away!

    Rachel: Come on folks can we have a light please that we can both see, something that we can both witness together would be lovely.

    EVP - they are forming

    Tracey: Massive bang.

    Rachel: I heard that too. Wall side?

    faint EVP - it's Rachel Browning

    Tracey: I thought it was downstairs.

    EVP - now see i

    Rachel and Tracey: gasp, reporting the white flash

    Tracey: ...over on the piano.

    Rachel: Yeah, white flash. That was a rectangle of white light.

    Tracey: That's what I saw, yeah.

    faint EVP - you heard her

    I think it's incredibly important that our communicators trust me not to post all EVP messages, especially when the subject matter is sensitive or personal. The clarity of the lady speaker's voice, is reminiscent of the best recordings from 2008-2012 and she has a distinctive accent, possibly Australian?

    i'll let you know

    Here I have to admit my ignorance; I knew nothing until this recording, of what "Light Codes" are alleged to be and I'm still uncertain of exactly which code the speaker is referring to. I hope that in future recordings, we may receive information that will explain what relation the code has to our consciousness and development.

    what's the light code

    It should not have been a surprise, that the vibrations of the new room would bring different energies to us. It is very rare for me to captured music as an EVP; this is tuneful but is it a voice?

    musical notes

    Tracey reports hearing a noise, you can then hear a very low level but undiscernable voice. We then capture a gentleman directing another communicator to make a noise, so that we may hear them.

    you got to make a noise

    Last Sitting