EVP Recording Archive

  • 21st Century Seance

    2005 - 2021

    Our archive contains many thousands of EVPs and choosing a small amount with which to give you a representative selection was very difficult. This set of clips were chosen because they represent not only the ability for us to capture clear, unambiguous voices but also because the communicators wanted to take an active part in the seance.

    The monthly calendar of EVP clips in our seance archive each provides an outline of how varied phenomenae is in individual sittings be it visual, auditory or electronic. We can never predict what will happen, who will come forward or how they choose to let themselves be known to us. The same communicator on different sittings might be seen in transfiguration, heard audibly in the room or communicate via EVP.

    EVP 1: This lady's voice was recorded by Rachel in her first session, her elocution and tone is beautiful to listen to. This reply was captured shortly after Rachel was talking about her recent trip to Chillingham Castle. We did remember the lady on our next trip to Chillingham but we have never heard her voice again.

    EVP 1: Please let's see there

    EVP 2: The staccato nature of the voice is in stark contrast to Rachel's voice. The relevance of the clip is direct and meaningful; EVPs have been captured that describe the ability of the communicator to "feel" conditions within the seance room. Quite how this is experienced by the communicator, we do not know.

    EVP 2: feels dark

    EVP 3: Not only is this EVP startlingly clear, the first speaker's message is in direct response to Rachel's question about a piece of equipment needed to experiment with Direct Radio Voices (DRV). The second voice you hear sounds slightly putout by the initial communicator speaking. The group experimented with DRV for a short time without success.

    EVP 3: Konstantins does - someone at odds trying to confirm

    EVP 4: Dr Gustav Geley (1860-1924) was a French physician and head of the Institute Metaphyschique International, in Paris. His most well known studies were with physical mediums Eva Carriere and Franek Kluski. There was much controversy surrounding his work but his books are none the less still required reading for the study of physical mediumship. For the first few years, the group regularly heard his name but it became seldom captured when we moved away from dark séances.

    EVP 4: shall I do it Geley?

    EVP 5: The clarity of this EVP and the communicators emotion is wonderful. We do not know who the speaker is but you would think they might be familiar to one of our group; unfortunately nobody recognised the voice. It is exceedingly rare for us to capture the voice of family or friends, we can recall only two instances of this in ten years of recording.

    EVP 5: is anybody saying they think of us?

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