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    August 2018

    Due to Rachel being unwell and unable to sit formally, rather than skip a recording we decided to hold a shorter informal chat in the seance room, in white light. Whilst the volume of captures were greatly reduced in comparison to our usual seance conditions of blackout and red light, clear voices can still be heard demonstrating awareness of our presence and the conditions.

    Visual phenomena is markedly decreased in white light sittings but not unheard of. In this sitting two lights were reported; a small blue light behind Rachel and a small white light that flickered behind Tracey. Of even more interest was the appearance of what looked like an equation that was written on the ceiling, this had never been noticed before and the room has been used consistenly for four years.

    EVP 1: There is a glass chandelier hanging in the center of the room and the central drop was slightly moving of its own accord. The voice that speaks sounds male and the choice of language is odd, unless you consider that mental telepathy is possible.

    EVP 1: Let me ask in psychic

    EVP 2: Rachel could mentally hear a man questioning why there was no circle.

    EVP 2: Where hides the circle

    EVP 3: Rachel mentally heard the Name Emlyn Hughes and could only thing of a sports TV personality; two voices are captured, the first hard to hear and breathy but the second voice is clearly telling us that Emlyn was a footballer. And so he was.

    EVP 3: It's you again, he's a footballer

    EVP 4: Tracey wanted to sit a bit more comfortably; Rachel was told this was permissible but not to cross your legs as it inhibits the flow of energy. The first voice as not as distinct as the second.

    EVP 4: I'll tell you, using the Chi

    EVP 5: After Tracey opens the circle with Amen, two men's voices are picked up and the topic of their remarks is pertinent, of course we have no idea of who they are. Rachel then senses that they are not alone in the room.

    EVP 5: She ain't going to be with them, she's ill

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