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    August 2020

    We understand that the close link we forge with our communicators in regular séances enables us to capture consistently clear EVP. We provide an insight into the ongoing development of our group by providing a selection of clips from our most recent sitting. Due to the distancing restrictions, physical seances will cease for the forseeable future, however experimentation and the ongoing study into the linguistics of EVP will continue.

    There are recordings that make me wince when I hear my voice and this will always be one of them. Domenic was perfectly lovely during our experiment, I on the other hand sound manic. I'm not sure if my behaviour was detrimental or it helped because we achieved some very good results.

    The audio was exciting, we had both EVP and breakthrough voices that were audible and recordable but oddly only I was able to hear them at the time. It would be wonderful if we were able to both to develope our ability to communicate directly with speakers, accompanied with ITC pictorial representations during our calls.

    EVP 1: The man's voice comes in at the beginning of this clip, remember there is only Domenic and I on the call and the accent of this gentleman is not Scottish.

    EVP: that's some party

    EVP 2: It's not uncommon for those who experiment with EVP to record swearing or cursing, if it was a part of the speakers usual vocabulary, they'll continue to use it when communicating. And of course there are those who just want to let rip in the knowledge we'll pick it up and they'll remain anonymous. This speaker obviously knows that it isn't a good thing to do; he breaks in behind Domenic's voice.

    EVP: bad

    EVP 3: This was the first voice I heard online during this call. Why Domenic wasn't able to hear it, I don't know but the digital recorder picked it up perfectly. It sounds as if the speaker is testing his ability to be heard. Are the numbers just part of this test or binary code?

    EVP: 1, 0

    EVP 4: The rasping noise made by this speaker is very reminiscent of how my Irish Grandad used to growl when he wasn't happy about something. I have no sense that it's him but I'm pleased that whomever it was, was able to make themselves heard, if only by me.

    EVP: man's voice

    EVP 5: Hearing a child's voice is always more emotive than an adults and is more easily heard, possibly because of the higher pitch. Unlike the previous audible voices, this voice was heard in my room, distinctly on my left side.

    EVP: child's voice

    Domenic together with his long time experimental partner Alison, have acheived remarkable success in capturing ITC pictures, which I've yet to see improved on by other experimenters for their clarity. During the call we were interested to see if we were able to capture anything that might indicate a base for development in the future. There were many faces that appeared fleetingly, too quick to capture in a photo, some appeared to talk although the pixelation made discernment difficult. The picture below appears to have recorded more than one face, in time we hope that they may become clearer.

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