Beyond Recordings

  • Recordings featured here relate to a spontaneous event that was perceived as being anomalous and not explainable by rational logic or investigation. The event may have been observed visually, auditarily or it may have been an unsolicited message recorded on alternative media by an unknown sender.

    It is not uncommon for those who investigate and research EVP to experience paranormal phenomena in addition to anomalous recordings. Poltergeist activity has long featured in Rachel's life and continues to the present day, characteristically its presence fluctuates and may be absent for long periods. Whilst asking questions after an event is far from being proof of its reality, a direct response is nevertheless interesting if it relates to witnessed phenomena.

    The Sock

    Standing in her kitchen, Rachel stood amazed as a sock formed in mid-air and hung motionless for a split second before dropping onto an airer. It's hard to believe it happened but the EVP recorded in a session shortly after curiously support her observations.

    Phone Calls

    In the early hours of the morning the phone rang. Like anybody, Rachel feared the worst and expected bad news when she picked up the receiver. What she heard astounded her, it wasn't just one speaker but many and the voices sounded similiar to the EVP recorded in seances. Where were the speakers calling from and how did they manage to dial from an untracable number?