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  • October 2018

    Whilst all recordings are in essence purposeful, the recordings featured here were made in the hope of obtaining information relating to a specific event or person. It is impossible to be sure that anybody will speak to us, or to expect an answer to our questions. And should we receive a reply, it may be unwise for us to assume we are talking to the person the speaker alleges themselves to be.

    The Materialising Missing Sock

    Rachel: When reporting remarkable phenomena that falls outside of our physical laws, you need accuracy, honesty and a sense of humor. What you are about to read is impossible but it is reported as it was observed. As an objective reader I would find it very difficult to believe. I have been researching physical phenomena for over 30 years and have seen and heard some very odd things but this still has me scratching my head two days later.

    I brought the clothes drier into the kitchen to hang up the washing. As I expanded the wire frame outwards to engage the lock, just above head hight, approximately 30 cms above the drier something caught my eye; out of nothing I watched a black sock materialise, forming in place before it dropped onto an arm of the drier. The sock landed perfectly without swinging, it was dry and ever so slightly warm. It took a few seconds before I recognised it as being one of pair of my socks.

    It goes without saying I had no time to take a video and without it, I realise I have no proof. The only thing I could do was to ask through an EVP session shortly after the event. The solo recording was less than 20 minutes long but has numerous relevant comments.

    EVP 1: There are three voices here, all of them very different in tone and speed. None have been modulated in any way other than being slightly amplified. The confirmation of the sock question is very encouraging, a request was made for the phenomena to be replicated at our next seance.

    EVP 1: Can you wait a bit longer - yes it was - anything for you

    EVP 2: The male speaker sounds as if he is asking colleagues on the other side what the fuss is about; Rachel had been asking for guidance and assistance with research and recordings.

    EVP 2: What's going on over there

    EVP 3: Rachel was having trouble communicating and was getting frustrated, a gentleman's voice gives direction.

    EVP 3: Tell her again

    EVP 4: Just as Rachel had reached the bottom of the stairs (for a quick cup of tea), this was captured on the recording. The communicators are obviously aware that we can hear them talking. There are more clips in a similar vein but this is the clearest. It is interesting that Hayley is mentioned by name so soon after the very positive September sitting.

    EVP 4: I think of Hayley - Sssh

    EVP 5: Just before ending the recording, Rachel reminded the communicators that it will soon be time for our visit to Hampton Court Palace. The recorded comment is endearing, we can but hope to hear from Henry.

    EVP 5: Dear Old Henry

  • Hampton Court Palace

    2014 - 2019

    There are few places in England as evocative as Hampton Court Palace and even fewer that you can feel history seeping from every brick as you pass. You may not see the ghosts of residents past on your visit but you should prepare to experience the eerie feeling that you are never alone. Recordings at the palace are rarely uneventful, most have multiple clear voices that join us in conversation. The clips chosen highlight how actively engaged the communicators are at the palace. That's not to say we are always made welcome.

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  • Field Investigations

    2008 - 2019

    The question of why we investigate a historic property through EVP is an important one; we see the possibility, however remote, of communication with people that lived in another era to be an opportunity not to be missed. We have a passion for our heritage and why would you not want to talk to the people who actually made our laws; bold scientific pioneers, flamboyant socialites, royalty, the cleaners and everyone in between; they made us who we are. It is the nearest we can get to picking up a phone and asking questions to a first person witness and a participant of historic events.

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  • 21st Century Seance

    2005 - 2019

    Our archive has many thousands of EVPs and choosing a small amount with which to give you a flavour of our recordings was very difficult. This set of clips were chosen because they represent not only the ability for us to capture clear, unambiguous voices but also because the communicators wanted to take an active part in the seance. We understand that the close link we forge with our communicators in regular séances, enables us to capture consistently clear EVP.

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