Field Investigations

  • Bosworth Battlefield

    Leicestershire, England

    Civil war had raged in England from 1455 to 1485 between the Houses of Lancaster and York. The Battle of Bosworth Field was the final battle and took place on 22nd August 1485. Lancastrian Henry Tudor, who was a minor nobleman and who had been in exile in France, gathered an army to defeat Yorkist, King Richard III and thus began the Tudor dynasty.

    The Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre is superb. The museum sets the scene of the battle perfectly and brings home the horrors and brutality of war in the middle ages. The graveled path around the site is easily walkable and made for a good recording, the only problem was the wind but a lack of visitors on a gloriously hot sunny day more than compensated. The avocado cake was pretty wonderful too.

    Rachel: I had no intention of visiting Bosworth when I left home in the morning. Something made me pick up my recorders just in case they might be needed, it's not something I routinely do. On the return journey from an appointment in Nottingham, I was drawn to visit the battlefield.

    EVP 1: This is not the first time that Henry VIII's nickname Bluebeard has been recorded. Long before Rachel planned to visit Hampton Court Palace, it was captured numerous times in seances and lone recordings. If this is the voice of Henry VIII, then we eagerly await our next visit to the palace in hope of confirmation.

    EVP 1: Bluebeard

    EVP 2: As Rachel walked on the eastern side of the field, she could hear distinct gravel footsteps closely behind her. This happened on two ocassions, the first was accompanied by women's voices but nobody could be seen on the path.

    EVP 2: Go after her

    EVP 3: Yet again Rachel recorded an EVP with reference to the Tudor name; is this the reason the two men try and make contact? The clip may be heard on the video.

    EVP 3: It's her alone - try and call her

    EVP 4: This was captured as Rachel placed the recorders on a fence post next to the pyramid on the path. It's certainly a considerate message by the communicator.

    EVP 4: Show her mercy

    EVP 5: Rachel had requested Henry Tudor to make contact when this EVP was captured. The gentleman's voice is very definite but does he ask Rachel to refrain from calling out or for communicators not to come forward?

    EVP 5: Leave alone

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