EVP Analysis

change the waves

The first EVP clip below gave us a clue as to why we had so many examples of our voices being transformed into sentences that we are certain we did not speak but it is not a straightforward answer to all varients of changed speech. If in the course of a coversation, our voices are used to convey a different, out of context message, logically it is our vocal sound waves that are being modulated. However, we have a small amount of clips that are in our voice when we either have been absent or not talking; this plainly rules out vocal modulation. Not having a physical voice box, the sender is not able to transmit physical waves but is it a physical wave that we are recording?

EVP 1: This was the reply to Tracey when she questioned a communicator on how they would use the energy to provide messages. Whether they are referring to the modulation of vocal sound waves, brainwaves or environmental sound waves is unknown.

EVP 1: Then I change the waves

EVP 2: Rachel's voice is hijacked most animatedly by an unknown speaker who is describing the appearance of other communicators in transfiguration. We have numerous EVPs describing a queuing protocol; they must wait their turn to come forward to be seen.

EVP 2: Ere It was funny he looked like king Kong weren't it, they were taking turns

EVP 3: Tracey's voice in this clip is remarkably clear but we are certain that at no point were these words spoken whilst recording. The very frank way that such a strange sentence was delivered is in itself odd.

EVP 3: I thought I were crackers last Sunday, just thought I'd throw that in - no crackers

EVP 4: For a period of 5 years, Rachel infrequently reported the sensation of someone looking through her eyes at members of the group during séances. This clip was captured in her voice but if you consider it being spoken by a different entity, it would confirm the reported phenomena. The seance room is well lit and always with red light.

EVP 4: She said it can't have been my eyes she said, cos it was too bright, I could see everything

EVP 5: Rachel is from the South of England and would not begin a sentence with och, Scottish mannerism.

EVP 5: och they're clients, there's so many of them