experience EVP Capture

Would you like to actively take part in a recording for EVP, hearing the voices that surround you?

Will you get results ?

Having acheived successful communication in a wide variety of environments, we have gained enough confidence in our method, to offer you an opportunity to take part in a recording, overseeing our entire process of capture through to analysis. The conditions we record in at your preferred location, will have a direct effect on results. Whilst we cannot and do not guarantee to capture anything, if the environment is suitable, I would expect to achieve some form of communication.

make Contact

If you would like to request more information regarding taking part in an EVP recording session, or a demonstration, please provide as much information as you can about those who will be attending and the intended location to be used. Messages that do not include a contact name, email address and valid telephone number, will not receive a reply. We aim to respond to your message within two working days, unless we are away, when we will reply as soon as possible on our return.