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  • The Acceptance of Unknowing

    10th Anniversary of EVP Recordings 2008-2018

    There are many cases in paranormal literature of poltergeist cases linked with childhood trauma and initially I believed this explained the phenomena of my early years. However when I left home and moved a considerable distance away, the activity persisted and has continued in every house I’ve lived in since.

    Having spent over 20 years reading about physical phenomena, when I did decide to begin an experiment to set out and witness it for myself, I’d never sat in a physical circle and had no expectation of what if anything would happen. Whilst I “played” at being the medium, I had no idea if my approach would work. I didn’t want to employ an outsider because I needed to be able to trust the results; I am by nature quite cynical and wanted objective evidence in red light, preferably recorded.

    The unplanned initial recording was to completely turn around the direction of my research from being a traditional physical circle to one that embraces modern technology, although it should be said that just about every type of video camera has been tried and failed. After the first clear vocal captures, I was immediately keen to experiment with other pieces of tech to see if they too could replicate the results. Whilst not every machine that I tried produced such astounding clarity, they more or less worked to some degree. The only piece of equipment that I discarded early on was a tape recorder because of an inability to rule out contamination from extraneous sources when using magnetic tape.

    I have no explanation why the voices I record are so clear; possibly it may be my body’s genetically unique electromagnetic field pattern that works in unison with whoever or whatever I’m capturing. There are so many questions that I ask but never receive a reply to. There does seem to be a higher authority that moderates communicator’s messages but again, I am not permitted to know why. In ten years I have not captured one definitive message of there being a God, only “your god” and as I follow no religion, that’s puzzling in itself.

    The communicator’s voices you can hear on the video will provide a better idea than I can give you here on how I interact with them in the séance room. I have an untrained ability to hear the voice that I capture on EVP and to respond to it appropriately. The easiest contacts for me to hear are those individuals who are recorded frequently and who have become associated to us as guides.

    After ten years of recordings, I have no proof that the voices of those I capture have lived and died. What I can produce are many EVP clips referencing that the speaker knows they are dead and wants to interact with the living. They seem to be able to see us as well as interact physically with our environment, sometimes having the ability to manifest their appearance through transfiguration. Who communicates and when, is beyond our control and we have no way of knowing what will happen, if anything, from one recording to the next.

    What the ultimate purpose is of capturing the voices of those who transfigure, I do not know. We experience light anomalies in conjunction with voices and voices that speak alone. The only thing I am certain of is that the direction and destination of the research is most definitely not in our control. We feel privileged to be able to be a part of something that feels decidedly bigger than us, despite having no idea of what it is.

    When I was at school I worked after hours to buy my first computer, a Sinclair ZX81 and readily admit to still being a bit of a nerd. I do wonder if I was chosen for this work by unknown agencies because of my convenient computing knowledge.

    There is an elephant in the room that needs to be acknowledged, fraud. Whilst I could create the recordings I feature on the site, what would be the point? I have no interest in fooling anybody and have far better things to do with my free time and money. There's a huge amount of work and financial cost involved with the research, not just recording but analysis, website design, web administration and hosting, field investigations, videos and that’s before considering the cost of tech, everything we do I self fund.

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