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    December 2019

    We understand that the close link we forge with our communicators in regular séances enables us to capture consistently clear EVP. We provide an insight into the ongoing development of our group by providing a selection of clips from our most recent sitting.

    This Christmas sitting was purplexing to say the least. In the past when we've met and played carols, the following communication and phenomena was clear and plentiful . This sitting was very differet in character. Throughout the recording period, the atmosphere was calm and tranquil, not at all like a usual sitting when our energy levels peak and fall, with frequent rushes of coldness. It was so quiet that we hardly dared hope to have captured any voices at all. There were a few taps and a few small fleeting lights but nothing to compare with more recent sittings. This just goes to prove that we have no control over our communication or phenomena in the seance room. An obvious thing that may have had a detrimental effect, was the heavy rain and wind outside at the time of recording. Bad weather has historically made for challenging recording conditions but thankfully, although the overall number and quality of messages were reduced, we were able to capture some magnificent voices.

    EVP 1: This comment does not fit within the context of conversation at the time of capture and we do not know who the speaker is but it clear and easily distinguished as not being one of our voices. In many recent sittings Basil the cat who can make an awful din, has been incorrectly blamed for many things.   

    EVP: believe us

    EVP 2: It's quite usual for us to feel temperature changes when speakers come forward. Rachel immediately acknowledges his voice before seeing his corresponding light inside the cabinet.

    EVP: hello

    EVP 3: Rachel is often rebuked for not taking directions and following commands; she didn't hear the speaker's message but reported a low indistinguishable voice on her left.

    EVP: do as you're told

    EVP 4: On a long run through the muddy forest in darkness, after a few miles Rachel was surprised to see a brief column of pink light in front of her on the trail. Questioning whether it was her eyesight under poor conditions, a flash from the head torch or fatigue, she paid little attention to it and carried on running, only remembering it the next day when talking to Gina. The reply is intriguing, did the pink light hold human consciousness or is the speaker referring to Rachel as being human? A picture of the recording with the voice highlighted, illustrates how different EVP can appear to our voicebox generated vocal sound waves.

    EVP: that's human

    EVP 5: It's an entertaining EVP and whilst not the clearest voice it is very evidential; Rachel's phone was being used to play carols during the sitting. The voice is breathy and speaks before we mention the phone.     

    EVP: that's your phone

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