seance december 2020

  • Domenic and I began as normal by setting up equipment, catching up with all we'd both been up to over the last month. I had bought a new recorder which I demonstrated, I was hoping to use it for this session but I'm still getting to grips with the software.

    There were momentary visual glitches that evening but during a discussion about transfiguration, Dom's camera did something rather unusual and defocused. We had been talking about an elderly aquaintance, and I'd said I expected him to have passed on. The image below strongly resembles this gentleman, much more than Dom. Unfortunately no corresponding EVP was captured, the audio had been turned off.

    As well as recording our audio, we've been monitoring the subtitles during sessions. Whilst most of the script is obviously tied to our speech, there is a small but constant trickle of comments, such as the one below, that could not possibly have been generated by our language or conversation. Over the last year, I have recorded many voices saying they intend to call. I try my best to remember to leave the answer machine on overnight, as previous calls have been received in the early hours.

    EVP 1: I was telling Domenic about how I found one of my crystals, half a mile from home on a path. I hadn't entertained the idea of it being taken, just to be found.

    EVP: angel took it

    EVP 2: It's difficult to always remain upbeat and positive, even though we know that it creates the best atmosphere to work in. I had aired my frustrations with the difficulties of working in groups; the man who speaks has a London accent and sounds very much like a communicator that has spoken to the circle before.

    EVP: nice try

    EVP 3: I'm pretty sure that this is the voice of Mr Rainbow, which isn't surprising, as I'd visited Hampton Court Palace not long before the recording. And I'd mentioned him on the recent video, it's nice to keep in touch with our friends.

    EVP: remember the rainbow

    EVP 4: Having had success before with using the background noise from a fan as a carrier wave, Domenic turned it on for a brief period. Whilst there weren't many voices, this speaker can quite easily be heard. I wonder what stars he's seeing.

    EVP: stars i see

    EVP 5: This was naughty of me, I rarely discuss mediums but one in particular, I have my suspicions of. The EVP captured during this conversation were interesting, they sound almost as cynical as me.

    EVP: i hope he's no longer there

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