derby gaol

derby, derbyshire, england

Our trip to the gaol was unplanned. We had a full day scheduled at nearby Chatsworth House but due to large visitor numbers, we left early and spontaneously decided to visit Derby. The gaol was being prepped outisde by the team for their first night of opening in 2021, but Richard Felix very kindly allowed us to record alone inside.

Historian, Richard has been the owner of the gaol for the last 21 years and has featured on many paranormal TV programmes. His interest is still focused the paranormal, especially on the activity taking place here and at the Vernon Street Prison. With such a grizzly history, it’s no surprise that the team who work at the gaol, and those who visit have reported poltergeist activity, somatic sensations, and full figure materialisations.

There were three gaols in Derby, Nun's Green, Friar's Gate and Vernon Street. From 1756 to 1907, 58 people were executed; 56 men and 2 women. It would have been 60, but two brothers, John, and Benjamin Jones, committed suicide before their execution, cheating the executioner of his fee. Most were hanged, for crimes that seem petty now, even for lighting a haystack but serious offenses such as multiple murders and infanticide, carried the penalty of hanging then dissection or hanging and gibbeting.