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    February 2018

    This was a relatively short sitting as participants were tired and holding concentration in a seance when fatigued is not easy. There were multiple audible knocks and noises heard in the room that are not evidenced below but do feature on the master recording. For a period of almost two years, there was a decrease in reported light phenomena but in recent sittings, we are glad to see its gradual return.

    EVP 1: Whoever the speakers are, they do not hesitate to let us know of their frustrations in the way we either organise the seance or our timekeeping. In this sitting we had been paying a lot of attention to the set up of electronic equipment and the communicators had to wait longer than usual for us to begin.

    EVP 1: Call out finally

    EVP 2: For the first 20 minutes of the sitting we played a variety of music, one song for each of our most regular communicators. This EVP was captured long after the music had stopped; Supergrass is not one of the artists on the current seance play list.

    EVP 2: Now play Supergrass

    EVP 3: Tracey is reporting a green-blue light that she can see besides Rachel's head. The structure of the EVP is odd; did the speaker mean to say "wasn't that what you wanted"?

    EVP 3: Wasn't that you want

    EVP 4: The only word spoken by the group in this EVP is "oops", by Rachel, after "that is very odd". There appears to be three voices having a short conversation about our seance procedure, this is not uncommon on our recordings.

    EVP 4: That is very odd - Did you open? - Sitting

    EVP 5: It is rare that we get an EVP that alludes to heaven, let alone one which is sung. This was captured towards the end of the sitting, when the amount of communicators has a tendency to decrease.

    EVP 5: Goodbye in heaven

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