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    February 2019

    This sitting in character felt a lot like Halloween, were all tired after a long day of work and felt our energy levels to be low. Our conscious recall of the evening was far from accurate thankfully. The recording held a huge amount of EVP with many noises captured too, so it was decided to include a video that provides a more comprehensive view of the phenomena recorded.

    EVP 1: We are delighted to have captured anther possible reference to King Henry VIII, the name Henry was often verbally changed to Harry in the Middle Ages. Recently returned from our stay at Hampton Court Palace, we hoped that we might hear from our friends. Outside of Rachel's garden is The Forest of Dean, a rich Tudor hunting ground with a supply of fine wood for warships and houses.

    EVP 1: Harry we're hunting

    EVP 2: Hayley is a lover of Rock and Metal music and has painted many fantastic portraits over the years. Rachel had no idea that Hayley had been considering making changes to her painting of Jimi Hendrix only the day before the sitting. Quite what Jimi needs to do, we don't know but it would be marvelous to capture his voice and help if we could.

    EVP 2: you were there jimi - jimi needs to do

    Hayley's website featuring unique art and previous commissions: HayleysART

    EVP 3: Gina was puzzled by a personal question and asked if someone in the know might provide an answer. And they did, although whether or not they're telling the truth we will never know.

    EVP 3: isn't true

    EVP 4: Rachel alone heard a very short raspberry noise outside of the cabinet. EVP voices in recent sittings have sounded wildly different in the room, some as knocks, lights and shrill whistles.

    EVP 4: I heard - was someone naughty

    EVP 5: Modifications to the lighting in the seance room are frequent and it doesn't matter how well we think we have made the necessary adjustments, we are unable to please all of the communicators.

    EVP 5: are they having a bitch

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