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    February 2020

    Due to illness, it was not possible to hold a seance in January. We were dubious of our success in this sitting as there had been a protracted period between our last meeting, thankfully our concerns were unfounded and from opening, there were many periods of sudden coldness that corresponded with EVP capture.

    As the sitting progressed it was apparent that we were both picking up on the same communictors and were both able to mentally see and describe their appearance. This was not a familiar feature of our previous sittings and we couldn't remember a similiar incidence at all. We have no idea why it happened or if it is a new phase development. The the EVP captured in this sitting are remarkably clear, this is possibly tied to our unusually clear link.

    EVP 1: Our posture for seances is to sit as upright as is comfortable, with hands placed palm down on the tops of our legs. On occassion we are directed to place our palms upwards but that command wasn't heard or spoken this sitting.

    EVP: with palms up

    EVP 2: For numerous short periods, we both felt our muscles become involuntarily tensed and we had to make a conscious effort to relax. The room was warm yet it didn't help. The first gentleman is clear but we are unable to hear what the second speaker says.

    EVP: who is this now - ( ? )

    EVP 3: Ivy is well known to us and a frequent communicator to our group, we're not sure though who it is that wants us to sing. The phrase is odd, might they possibly be asking us for a brass singing bowl? It's something that has been on the group shopping list for a long time.

    EVP: ivy - sing for brass now

    EVP 4: Although the phrase makes overall sense the structure is incorrect, this is a common feature of our longer EVP captures. At the time of recording Tracey was reporting hand pain which isn't something she suffers from.

    EVP: do you find when they need more light then

    EVP 5: It really would be wonderful for Cardinal Woolsey to be seen in transfiguration but as yet we cannot be sure of who it is that is attempting to make contact. Despite me seeing his features mentally, we ask that those who transfigure confirm their appearance in EVP, so that we do not colour the evidence.

    EVP: yes

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