seance february 2021

  • The sitting began as usual with us discussing our results and potential new ways of developing communication, but it turned into an exciting DRV session. Whilst we still have a very long way to go, there are many indications that we're on the right track. To make this happen, it will be necessary to put in many hours of experimentation and analysis, progress will be inevitably be slow and methodical. In the interim, we are gaining direction and guidance through EVP.

    EVP 1: For no apparent reason, there was a great deal of interference over our connection. This was visual and auditory, but it didn't resemble a poor signal, it was more like an analogue picture, glitching. It's obviously no coincidence that Marcello Bacci's name was captured, we hadn't mentioned him despite performing a DRV experiment.

    EVP: it's bacci

    EVP 2: Many years ago, Domenic had been in contact with a communication station called London. This name repeatedly appeared on screen in text, despite us not mentioning the city or any word that might have been construde as sounding similar.

    EVP: london

    EVP 3: This mention of London, followed by a whispered count-in, was recorded immediately prior to the screen behaving very oddly. Despite Domenic not having physically moved, he looked to have turned in position whilst sitting.

    EVP: london 1 2 3

    EVP 4: Domenic was requestion assistance from the station, when a gentlman's voice replies in EVP. His message gives us hope that it won't be too long before we hear from him.

    EVP: take your time, i will call you, begin

    EVP 5: Whilst I can't identify the speaker, I have empathy with his message. Sometimes when the world seems to have gone mad, I bury myself in research to remind myself there's more to our existance than our struggles here.

    EVP: hope gets me out of here

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