Field Investigations

  • Forest of Dean

    Gloucestershire, England

    This stunning church is made from local sandstone and nestles on the edge of the Forest of Dean. It was built in 1867 by Ewan Christian, with stained glass by Jones and Willis.

    Gypsy Petulengro, King of the Gypsies, spent much time in the village and was buried here in 1957. Romany Gypsies came from all over the world to attend the funeral, the procession was accompanied by a band of gypsy violinists. The event was considered so important at the time that it filmed by Pathe Newreel (no sound);

    The impromptu recording session in the church was unplanned, Rachel and Tracey were passing and decided on a whim to look inside. Being sited in a small village, it was no surprise to find that they were the only visitors. The recording was less than 10 minutes long, yet many EVP voices were captured.

    EVP 1: Although it is obvious inside most churches to see how the architecture is built on a cross, this building is deceptive from the inside. In this clip Rachel is looking to see the points of the cross. The woman's voice is quite clear and her comment is curious; does she already know how to make herself heard and has she done it before? How can it be painful to talk if you have no voicebox?

    EVP 1: It hurts to talk

    EVP 2: Rachel was looking down at the colourful and beautifully made kneeling pads in front of the pews. Maybe it Lucy who made them or coordinated their manufacture.

    EVP 2: That'll please Lucy

    EVP 3: Again, Rachel is commenting on the puzzling nature of the building; it really does look considerably bigger from the outside, the interior is almost cosy and welcoming. We are unsure if the EVP comment is related to our conversion.

    EVP 3: He's thinking about it forever more

    EVP 4: The size organ is impressive for the size of the church and Rachel is impressed at the decoration on the pipes. The clip, although a grade B-C and requiring headphones to hear, is noteworthy as Rachel does play the piano and used to play the organ too.

    EVP 4: It's cold here - why don't you play

    EVP 5: As Rachel and Tracey got back into the car, Rachel remarked that she sensed a gentleman had joined them on the back seat.He was welcomed and we hope to hear from him in our next seance. It should be noted that the speaker does not have a local accent, the Forest of Dean dialect is very distinctive.

    EVP 5: Come to you car

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