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    January 2019

    Our monthly sitting took place during our stay at The Georgian House, Hampton Court Palace. As was usual, the seance room was arranged in the groundfloor study. This is quite a small room, with traditional wooden shutters, perfect for keeping out noctural lighting from Tennis Court Lane. Thankfully sound interference is negligible, the only regular intrusion is the rumble of overheard planes from Heathrow.

    EVP 1: The gentleman who exlaims very clearly is obviously unimpressed with either the phenomena or our ability to work as he'd like. We regularly capture the voices of those who critique us and wouldn't have it any other way, they help us to improve our methods and analysis, which can only be a good thing.

    EVP 1: terrible

    EVP 2: Rachel assures those who communicate that we only have the ability to record their voices and nothing else. The reply is much welcomed and the speaker uses Rachel's pet name, which is often captured in EVP.

    EVP 2: I guarantee you Raquel

    EVP 3: Gina and Rachel were discussing the appearance of a dancer with dark hair. The EVP that's captured makes sense; Helen who is a regular communicator, has beautiful dark hair and it's no surprise that they might assume we were referring to her.

    EVP 3: is that helen

    EVP 4: Gina is observing Rachel in the seance cabinet and thinks she can see the bag holding the recorder, start to swing over Rachel's left shoulder. The capture if interpreted correctly is very evidential of communicators being able to physically interact with our environment.

    EVP 4: over here you

    EVP 5: Whilst not terribly clear, the voices captured in our final clip are plainly not ours. The meaning of the message is open to question, however as this was captured in a palace with its own chapel, this might be in reference.

    EVP 5: never get - i don't want the church

    There are additional clear EVP captures from this sitting in the video below, along with voices that were captured during the setting up of the seance room.

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