seance january 2021

  • This was a very interesting sitting. Domenic had an old valve radio with him, so we decided to try a short burst for DRV. Whilst I heard a few voices in the noise, all were incomprehensible and it was impossible to understand any words.

    We also tried to take some more pictures, and whilst we did achieve blurred partial faces, none were clear enough to be posted.

    This was probably the most productive recording for EVP that I've done with Domenic. A large percentage were clear enough to hear without filtering and cleaning, those featured here are almost as recorded, only the volumn has been adjusted. Our continued experimentation appears to have been rewarded.

    DRV 1: Shortly after turning on the radio, Domenic begins to encourage communicators to come forward and speek. A man's voice was heard to reply but at the time, it wasn't possible to define his reply. Thankfully this was captured on the recording.

    DRV: there you are

    EVP 1: This gentleman's voice is familiar and I'm certain that I've captured it before in our circle sittings and at Hampton Court Palace. It doesn't surprise me that he's mentioned Gina, she's been a very popular member of the group with our communicators.

    EVP: what she did back to Gina

    EVP 2: At the time of recording this voice, we were discussing our ethos and how we believe that EVP recording has much more value in research, than just being a gimmick used for ghosthunting. I'm not sure who the Scottish lady is that speaks, it doesn't sound like a regular communicator but I do empathise with her, I'd love to be able to record with Domenic in person, rather than over the internet.

    EVP: you should be here

    EVP 3: The rather odd noise you hear at the beginning of this clip was the tail off, of a very loud motorbike exhaust as it passed in the street below Domenic. I definitely did not hear a gentleman at the time, so it's perplexing that his message contradicts that.

    EVP: I'm heard

    EVP 4: Watching fuzzy faces form and dissolve, I wasn't sure that what I was seeing was correct. One feature that stood out on a man's face, was a flowing long white beard, to me, he resembled Leonardo di Vinci. I was very surprised to capture confirmation of my observation. Having looked online, the head I saw did look like di Vinci but without a comparative photo, it's impossible to be certain.

    EVP: check the beard

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