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    July 2018

    Sitting when you are not fully well is ill advised and it was with some hesitancy that Rachel began the recording. Initially the voices were many but as the recording progressed, fewer were captured until the last 30 mins when none were heard. There were 5 light anomalies reported; two bright blue lights, a white light and a black orb by Tracey and a small black shape behind Tracey by Rachel.

    EVP 1: This isn't the first time we've recorded a communicator complaining about our punctuality. We were only a couple of minutes later than expected to begin our sitting.

    EVP 1: They're late

    EVP 2: We do not know who the coy male speaker is but the lady's voice with a Scottish accent belongs to Helen, a regular communicator; at the same time as we capture the voices, Tracey describes a white moth like light around Rachel's shoulder.

    EVP 2: Bit shy - But there's nothing but friends here - I'll wait outside

    EVP 3: Rachel had never noticed a piece of black ribbon that ran along one side of the seance cabinet; the male speaker obviously had no idea what it was for either.

    EVP 3: What's that for

    EVP 4: Tracey describes a cobalt blue triangle seen on Rachel's chest.

    EVP 4: Fire

    EVP 5: After the prayer, a gentleman's voice dedicates it to Alice. The name Alice has often been recorded but we have no known link with a lady of that name.

    EVP 5: For Alice

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