seance july 2020

  • Shortly after joining Domenic online, I reported seeing a dark, dense tennis ball sized object move between he and his camera, he saw nothing and there was no indication on the recording to confirm this observation. Mid-way through out call, there was another visual oddity. Without warning, Domenic's face appeared to morph and my screen froze immediately. I tried to capture a screen shot but wasn't fast enough, the screen returned back to normal, as did Domenic.

    Carrying on from last month's conversation about Voltare, I began to hear the very low murmer of a man's voice. There was no clarity of his speech but I could hear enough of the intonation and rhythm to know it wasn't just background noise. EVP 1 has been greatly amplified to a level that it's just possible to hear the words, unfortunately it's not yet possible to do this during calls in order to facilitate direct conversation.

    I most often turn off the recorder as soon as we have said goodbye but I was distracted for a couple of minutes and left the house whilst it was running. There were numerous voices and a short discussion on the recording before I returned, but they were not sufficiently clear enough to be presented here.

    EVP 1: We had been discussing the work and life of Voltare shortly before I began to hear the very low sound of a male voice join our conversation. This clip has been significantly amplified, these words could not be heard as they were recorded. There does appear to be the need for a harmonising of energies before voices can be heard audibly, although we still are no nearer to ascertaining exactly what the energy form is and how it may be measured.

    EVP: Not aligned with their energy

    EVP 2: This voice was captured during the second observance of Dominic's transformed appearance online. They are clearly confirming that the person I fleetingly witnessed was someone else, we have no idea who it was though.

    EVP: oh it was

    EVP 3: There are two communicators with the name Tom, both are also referred to as Tommy and Thomas, although I believe them to be the same speakers. The name Henry is almost expected, it's sad he wasn't able to join us on this particular evening.

    EVP: That'll be Tom - better do without Henry

    EVP 4: Empty Room: this clip perfectly illustrates the independent nature of communicators, their ability to be aware of us by sight and their ability to hear us. I have captured the name Louis before but it was many years ago, I'm not familiar with either of the speakers voices.

    EVP: as long as you hear them - nobody there Louis

    EVP 5: Empty Room: during my time online with Domenic, we had been talking about the appearance of semi-solid mists and moving shapes. Whilst this clip was captured when I was out of the house, I am guessing the speaker is referring to my description of communicators showing themselves as black flashes during seances.

    EVP: I'm black

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