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    June 2018

    It was to be a unusual sitting. Rather than the familiar pattern of sounds, transfigurations and lights, the evening was centered around visits from those who have worked with us from the other side, it was wonderful to hear their voices again. Rachel had been unwell and it was not known if the sitting would be productive. A last minute decision to go ahead did not prove to be a hindrance to successfully recording EVP.

    EVP 1: Rachel is struggling to convey a message to Tracey when a gentleman's voice breaks in, his refusal to comment is adamant.

    EVP 1: Abysmal I won't say this

    EVP 2: Rachel was able to define the outline of a man standing behind Tracey. Shortly after we captured this EVP; Rachel thought there might be unseen guests sitting on the bed and the communicator indicates the presence of a well known physical medium, Jack Webber.

    EVP 2: Behind Jack Webber

    EVP 3: The two gentleman's comments made us laugh heartily. The seance cabinet is pretty indestructable and we would very much like to experience its demolishion in a seance. The most that we have witnessed was the fabric visually flapping.

    EVP 3: Break the cabinet if I were you - really?

    EVP 4: Rachel is thanking communicators for bringing through messages from previous speakers when two voices are captured. The first is a softly spoken lady, the second is a male, both are unknown to us. The second message has a different background noise, this has not been modified by us in any way and is as it was recorded.

    EVP 4: Come in - Jesus is here

    EVP 5: A very unusual high pitched voices sends greetings immediately before Rachel reports a white shape passing behind Tracey.

    EVP 5: Oh hello - wow

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