seance june 2020

  • Following on from the success of last month, I joined Domenic online for another experimental sitting. It's very interesting, having tried similar experiments with other people, how different the results can be. With Domenic, the speakers are more inclined to provide explicit messages and physical phenomena, which has been witnessed during both calls in my location. In addition to the audio recording, we tried to visually capture the faces seen in a screen but this wasn't successful, we shall try again in the future.

    EVP 1: Domenic has more experience than I of helping those who come forward wanting assistance. In the following sitting, the speaker was provided with the guidance they needed to transition.

    EVP: you have to save us

    EVP 2: Behind Domenic, is a picture of Voltare and we had asked that if he was able, to please speak with us. This clip was captured some time after our discussion but it demonstrates that communicators are listening and are sentient.

    EVP: somebody not really able - voltare

    EVP 3: This sounds like a young Scotsman speaking before Domenic comes in. Maybe he was timid of being in the photographs that were being taken.

    EVP: i was more nervous than you

    EVP 4: We both have huge libraries of EVP and they feature numerous clips of speakers letting us know that they have survived physical death. Whilst we have no firm answers about their state and location of existence, we know beyond any doubt that personality and intelligence continues to exist.

    EVP: i survived

    EVP 5: Charlie has been a regular communicator and friend to the circle since we started in 2005. If this comment is about him, it's sad to hear. Hopefully we shall be able to get in touch and help if we can.

    EVP: hi, charlie's not good

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