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    March 2019

    Gina was away on holiday and it was only Hayley and Rachel who sat this evening. The previous sitting had been tough going due to the tiredness of all participants but this was a much livelier affair. Before we entered the seance room, we had been deep in discussion, talking about types of physical phenomena that had been reported consistently many years ago but which had fizzled out in later years.

    It wasn't long after opening that we heard repeated loud, distinct taps in the room; most were around the seance cabinet and to the left side of Hayley. After receiving direction to dim the lighting, faces began to appear that Hayley was able to describe clearly. To begin there were three heads of different sexes with markedly different bone structures, looking in different directions, this lasted approximately 1 minute before they faded. Further heads were reported over a period of just under 10 minutes.

    This sitting demonstrated a very welcome return to former phenomena but we are rather curious at its timing, having discussed it directly before starting. We have to question the possibility of us unwittingly creating the phenomena in some way but the coincidental voices we capture make discounting the validity of the faces as being paranormal, very difficult.

    EVP 1: Rachel enjoys running forest trails at night, her headlight often picks up the eyes of unsuspecting large animals, some of which have the ability to startle her. We're not sure of who the gentleman speaker is but it's nice to hear a communicator with a sense of humor.

    EVP 1: I like the witch

    EVP 2: Hayley is describing the pattern of phenomena from her perspective in the room. The gentleman who speaks at the end of her sentence, sounds very warm in his address. Comments such as his really do illustrate why there is no reason to fear EVP research.

    EVP 2: I don't know my lovely

    EVP 3: Sometimes the absurdity of how we sit in a small room, with a red light and what is in effect a small inside tent, makes us laugh. However, the reality of it is that some aspect of our working pattern facilitates the capture of clear voices on recordings and the visible appearance of heads. The speaker is obviously not one of us and their comment demonstrates an awareness of others in the room.

    EVP 3: who is sat over here

    EVP 4: It's not often that sitters report more anything more than faces being visible. Occassionally hair may be seen but it's rare that Rachel's outline is distorted. It woud be wonderful if Walter could show himself, it's been an excting trail that's led us to knowing who he may be. The ladies comment is interesting because as those who appear gradually fade from the vision of the observer, she confirms that the person appearing withraws themselves knowingly.

    EVP 4: Stepping back - Walter

    EVP 5: This clip demonstrates many facets of a phenomena in a sitting. Rachel first picks up and acknowledges the sense of someone to her left and returns to the conversation. The first EVP voice is captured at the same time Hayley observes a grey smoke like wisp pass by the cabinet, the second speaker declares it to be a shadow and the third possible joking that the grey smoke is allied to the characteristic ability of how some communicators manifest.

    EVP 5: I know that - her shadow - that's the smokers in

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