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    March 2020

    At the very last minute, I decided that rather than use the cabinet we would sit in a more relaxed way in red light. It was an inspired change. There were strong transfigurations and moving lights, most excitingly, there was an abundance of exceptionally clear voices captured on the recorder. Whether we shall continue this style of sitting, we haven't decided but it will definitely be considered due to the positive communication we received.

    Due to isolating restrictions, it is not certain when our next group sitting will be but we shall of course not stop experimenting. Both solo recordings and joint live recordings will take place, remotely.

    EVP 1: We were having fun, discussing an upcoming castle visit where we shall stay and investigate. Tracey joked that maybe Henry might like to join us, we didn't expect for one second that he would reply.

    EVP: I am

    EVP 2: When you've sat as long as we have and frequently subjected our communicators to a constant barrage of questions and requests, it doesn't surprise us when they get rather frustrated. We see no reason for fear, our communicators have a good sense of humour and mostly jest.

    EVP: I'm about fairly to club her

    EVP 3: As I looked across the room, it appeared to me that the room was visually jumping, like a frame of a movie slightly out of sync. This glitching only lasted a few minutes and coincided with a coolness below our knees.

    EVP: it is cold

    EVP 4: For the last few months I've been experiencing severe pain in my shoulder. It would be wonderful to know if our communicators were endevering to implement some form of healing. Sadly it's not resolved as yet but I wait in hope.

    EVP: putting light over your shoulder

    EVP 5: Could this be the voice of Lucifer? It certainly sounds reminiscent of his last communication in April 2018. It's a wonderfully amusing capture, demonstrating the intent to communicate and the coincidental appearance of a light.

    EVP: speak to the loon

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