seance march 2021

  • Domenic and I were delighted that Alison was able to join us for this session online. It was lovely to catch up and have to opportunity to discuss what we'd all been working on and plans for future work, both together and individually.

    Thankfully the call wasn't interrupted this session, after my internet went down unexpectedly as I logged on, it remained stable. Whilst we kept an eye on the text generated from speech, there were significantly less incidences of names and call signs, that we'd picked up in recent sittings. This is to be expected. It always takes time for communicators to balance the energy of a newly formed group. EVP although not as prolific as of late, was of a very good quality.

    This clip was captured shortly after turning on my recorder, before I joined Domenic and Alison online. I have missed seeing my friends of late and would welcome a hug, even if I can't see who's hugging me.

    i asked for a hug

    We are all very aware that to be successful, we need to be compassionate but being human, there are times when those around us cause frustration and anger. Nothing appears to get past our communicators.

    i want you to feel mercy

    The AI engine that drives speech to text is far from perfect. We all have different accents and it has problems at times with what we say. This clip is interesting as the generated text said crackle, the captured phrase is close but not exact. It's a positive sign that communicators are getting closer to driving text directly with their speech.

    crack on

    It's hard to be sure that this reply is contextual but it sounds like the speaker has some influence over our actions. Alison refers to as such here, I had asked a very similar question last week.

    i do

    Whilst I am normally able to manage the challenges of research, there are times when my patience is pushed to the limit and I snap. I'm well aware that anger is a destructive emotion, both physically and mentally, but we are all human and under a lot of stress at the moment. I will seek to rectify the problem that is leading to this reaction.

    'cos you're angry

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