seance march 2022

  • This was to be our last informal seance recording, as the new dedicated seance room would soon be ready and we're excited to be returning to formal physical seances. Sitting in a more relaxed manner has it's advantages, in that it's more comfortable for me, however visible and auditory phenomena is reduced.

    The EVP was astonishing this session, both in clarity and tonality, but their comments do not always make grammatical sense. Whilst we frequently capture direct responses and pertient observations by those whom we work with, limitations remain in our understanding of how language is transmitted. We wonder why, when their words can clearly be produced and projected, utterances are prone to being illogical and do not follow the flow of English, as we might expect.

    In this first clip, Tracey hears a noise behind her. The following voice sounds female and is unfamiliar to us, however, her voice is very clear. It's amusing to hear speaker's use the word ghost and I wonder if it is someone in their dimension they are referring to, or us.

    hold the ghost out

    This character of this rasping voice is unusual, in that despite being noisy, you can still hear what the speaker is saying. Who they are is a mystery, I am sad to say, I do noy know them.

    hey how d'you know me

    Tracey and I were beginning to tire, and talking nonsense. The gentleman's voice that comes in right at the end of the clip, is dynamically very different to the pitch and tone of our speech. The comments of those who speak to us, often reflect their awareness who was in attendance at the sitting.

    that was the girl

    This is one of those EVP that makes us scratch our heads and wonder what on earth is meant by their comment. It may not hold meaning but it's still very interesting because the vocal character morphs from one speaker to another, or is it two speakers? Curious.

    you lied to her chair

    Last month I had eye surgery, which was not successful. Tracey in jest was asking for an answer to my question of the procedure. The gentleman's reply may not directly answer the query, however, I'm delighted to hear that our friends are able and willing to support me. What more could I ask for.

    we can support her

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