Field Investigations

  • Margam Castle & Abbey

    Neath Port Talbot, Wales

    Margam Castle is a formidable 19th Century Gothic Mansion designed by the architect Thomas Hopper for Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot. The house was built in 1830-1840 at a cost of £50,000 using sandstone from nearby Pyle quarry. The mansion is Grade I Listed and of exceptional quality. Until 1942 the Castle and estate remained in the ownership of the Talbot family when it was acquired by a local landowner and in 1974 by the County Council, the present owners when it was of ruinous state. A disastrous fire in 1977 gutted the interior and it is currently being renovated

    Rachel was fortunate to visit the property on a very quiet day, the only people on site were dog walkers in the grounds and staff in distant offices. At the time of recording, there was nobody seen nor heard.

    EVP 1: There was no record found at the site to substantiate this EVP and the speaker is unknown. It might relate to the nearby abbey or church yard, which are both very close to the house.

    EVP 1: 14 people buried in the cubical

    EVP 2: This EVP was captured in the grounds of the abbey and rather amusing given the message. What doesn't the speaker believe? Rachel's assurance that they are free to talk or that they have passed over.

    EVP 2: We we don't believe

    EVP 3: Rachel is standing at the rear entrance to the house, looking up and admiring a beautiful stained glass window.

    EVP 3: Thank you

    EVP 4: There are two voices captured here, both have childlike voices and the tempo is unusually fast.

    EVP 4: Mother me - Mother Browning's here

    EVP 5: Looking around the church graveyard, Rachel has noticed the abundance of fresh flowers placed on many of the graves. Unfortunately not able to hear the message at the time, Rachel did not know to look for the resting place of Grace.

    EVP 5: Go and see Grace

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