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    May 2018, Sri Lanka

    May was to be a very busy month for us personally and rather than miss our regular sitting, we decided to hold a red light seance whilst visiting Sri Lanka. The sitting was much shorter than those held in Gloucestershire but we managed to capture some remarkable conversations and voices, all of which are in English.

    The EVP below are shorter clips from the seance. A selection of the longer conversational captures feature on the video along with recordings from the field investigation at the Maritime Museum in Galle.

    EVP 1: Rachel was postulating on what His Holiness the Dalai Lama might make of EVP recordings. The voice that is captured belongs to a Scottish lady who is a regular communicator.

    EVP 1: I've come for you

    EVP 2: Because the weight limit on luggage, Rachel's phone was in aircraft mode and a red screen saver employed to provide background lighting.

    EVP 2: Correct - Jolly good

    EVP 3: Rachel was describing the presence of a male Buddhist monk who looked very much like the current Dalai Lama.

    EVP 3: Oh yes he does that - I've seen her here

    EVP 4: Rachel is describing the physical characteristics of the monk. We have no reference to the comments that are captured here; we do not know who the lady is seeking permission from or who the male speaker is.

    EVP 4: That'll be a damn shame - May we leave

    EVP 5: Blackfoot, a native North American, has often been mentioned in our seances and field investigations, although his name is rather brusque is it recognisable. The second and third voices are male and have pronounced English accents, sadly they are unfamiliar.

    EVP 5: Blackfoot - quite likes to hate June - move that

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