Seance May 2020

  • It was a delight to join my good friend Domenic Capaldi, for an online experiment to see if we could achieve results together, having both experienced phenomena independently before. Whilst we didn't expect success on our primary attempt, we were incredibly fortunate to capture some remarkable EVP, with visible and audible phenomena coinciding with our observations. It should be remembered that when initiating a new way of working, it is rare to record any type of activity.

    EVP 1: Domenic is Glaswegian and has a distinctive accent but this isn't his voice. We had many EVP from communicators indicating they were presentm which is very encouraging for future development.

    EVP: he's over there

    EVP 2: Watching the screen, I was able to observe a photograph of a well known scientist seemingly moving. It sounds as if the speaker is able to reciprocate, although where they are and in what capacity I'm seen, is unknown.

    EVP: i saw her

    EVP 3: Hearing communicators encouraging other speakers to come forward is immensely exciting, it demonstrates their interest in joining us for further research. And this clip is yet another reference to the existence of post mortem survival, which is always appreciated.

    EVP: talk to her - i can see the dead

    EVP 4: It comes as no surprise to us that communicators are able to see us, as in EVP2, they are keen to let us know they see what we're doing and it's not just whilst we experiment either.

    EVP: watching you now

    EVP 5: I hear and record many whistles, this event is unusual in that I heard the whistle in the hall but recorded an EVP of talking in its place. Whistles are thought to be a precursor to direct voice in physical mediumship, this may explain the speech.

    EVP: we can whistle

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