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    November 2018

    Unfortunately Gina was unwell so this sitting was attended by Hayley and Rachel. Not having the same members attending for four sittings, we were curious to discover out what phenomena if any would be witnessed or captured. The bulb was changed to a slightly denser red; whether it was this or another uncoincidental factor that facilitated the grey mist that Hayley reported fluctuating in density around the harp, we are not certain. Both Hayley and Rachel reported seeing independent white moving lights, some evidenced in EVP. Rachel saw a beautiful ball of sea blue-green light over Hayley's chest lasting only moments, this size static ball lighting has never been reported before.

    Hayley then Rachel heard what they believed to be muffled but loud voices of the neighbours talking, it wasn't until reviewing the recording that distinct, clear voices could be heard that could not possibly have been captured through walls. Whilst there were no long strings of conversational EVP that were such a prominent feature of the the previous sitting, there was nevertheless a significant number of clear voices.

    EVP 1: During the beginning phase of a transfiguration, Rachel describes sensation of her face sliding down on one side only. The EVP is entertaining, why is the speaker directing the unknown gentlemen to use a false accent? Would this be to fit in with Rachel's mental imagery of the Bishop's mitre?

    EVP 1: speak to her poshly

    EVP 2: Rachel tells Hayley about a voice that she had heard in the kitchen, a few days before the sitting. It had only been one word "hello" but it was so loud and startling, it had almost caused her to drop her breakfast on the floor.

    EVP 2: but I know who it was

    EVP 3: There was a quiet lull after a partial transfiguration and Rachel reported the physical sensation of arms being placed around her shoulders in a caring way.

    EVP 3: buried

    EVP 4: Rachel was still trying to link with the clergyman when two men's voices were captured. Their brief exchange is very interesting, we have been told many times that there appears to be a doorway in which visitors come through. Did the speakers sneak through when it was unguarded?

    EVP 4: there was a doorway - what a laugh

    EVP 5: It was getting towards the end of the sitting and Rachel heard a voice telling them it would soon be time to finish. She didn't hear the adamant comment that was captured on the recorder.

    EVP 5: Get out

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  • Field Investigations

    2008 - 2019

    The question of why we investigate a historic property through EVP is an important one; we see the possibility, however remote, of communication with people that lived in another era to be an opportunity not to be missed. We have a passion for our heritage and why would you not want to talk to the people who actually made our laws; bold scientific pioneers, flamboyant socialites, royalty, the cleaners and everyone in between; they made us who we are. It is the nearest we can get to picking up a phone and asking questions to a first person witness and a participant of historic events.


  • Live EVP

    2016 - 2019

    We define Live EVP as being audible communication obtained during experimental recording; therefore allowing the reviewer to hear anomalous voices as they are spoken. It is sometimes possible to hear clearly what is being said but more often than not, immediate review is required. A percentage of voices are also captured as traditional EVP, meaning that you are unable to hear the speaker during capture but you will see a wave form on the recording. The recordings are performed unaccompanied by Rachel.