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    November 2019

    This sitting was unusually active; lights and knocks could be heard from soon after opening. One set of knocks travelled around the room in a circle from the floor and accross the ceiling, in very rapid succession. There were many small lights of various colours not just in the seance cabinet but around the room and between us, as well as the now familiar thin moving mists.

    Most encouraging was variation of the light level, independently of our control. This was a phenomena that regularly took place in the previous seance room, at the cottage and hasn't been reported since leaving over 5 years ago. Back then, when the light dipped it was an indication of impending physical phenomena. We sincerely hope that this marks a return to those happy sittings.

    EVP 1: (Rachel) To say I was excited and delighted to hear these words would be an understatement. It has been many years since hearing from John and his return to the group may herald exciting things to come. The last time he visited, the group was regularly reporting remarkable physical phenomena and Gina may well have witnessed the first instance of its return in this sitting. He spoke the same words 10 years ago and as you can hear on the 2009 clip, I am covering a familiar topic, the independent adjustment of lighting levels. Might it be John who's in charge of the switch?

    EVP: Shake ma hand 2019

    EVP: shake ma hand 2009

    EVP 2: The first clip is from last month's sitting, a gentleman's wry comment that refers to how communicators are required to merge with Rachel inside the cabinet, in order to be seen by sitters. The second comment is captured after Rachel begins explaining to Gina what was meant by the first message. The speakers voice is heard by Rachel to her left hand side in the cabinet.

    EVP: Not if it means you got to sit in her

    EVP: Sit in her now

    EVP 3: As well as being wonderfully clear, this gentleman's voice is a simple and direct affirmation of the conversation. The song Rachel was talking about is the Healing Hymn, which she often hears at the beginning of a sitting, from one particular communicator.

    EVP: Yes

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