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    October 2018

    This October we welcomed Gina as a regular member to the group, she has attended seances and recordings at Hampton Court Palace but this was her first sitting in Gloucestershire. It was uncertain as to what affect bringing in another member so soon might have on recordings and phenomena; it proved to be the most remarkable and significant recording since Rachel began capturing EVP in May 2008.

    Whilst we are confident the voices we capture are anomalous, we have little doubt than many visitors to this site will question their authenticity as EVP. From the first recording in 2008, Rachel captured perfectly clear voices that required no filtration or adjustment. The tonal quality and resonation was then and is again truly remarkable.

    It was not just the clarity of the voices during this session that was unusual, the amount of clear voices was unprecedented. In a 90 minute session, 127 short but clear EVP clips were captured along with 18 clips that resemble fractured conversations; nothing similar has been captured before. Because of the sheer quantity and clarity of the recordings, it was decided that we should feature a selection of the recordings in a video, this we hope will provide a more comprehensive picture of how significant this session was.

    Physical phenomena in this sitting was markedly limited. Rachel reported a fleeting vertical black line behind Hayley and Gina, whilst Gina and Hayley reported differing phenomena simultaneously, all were acknowledged on the recording. Aside from this was a period of of clicking and tapping then a short cold breeze from the back of the cabinet reported by Rachel.

    EVP 1: Shortly after mentally hearing a request for the light to be turned off Rachel replies, the EVP recorded is exactly what she heard. This is the first mention of the name Valice, so we are unable to marry it to an earlier sitting.

    EVP 1: turn the bloody light off - we recorded Valice's face

    EVP 2: A sitting would not be complete without mention of the palace or Henry VIII. Rachel is recalling an EVP from a recent recording when a male voice with a Scottish accent can be heard calling the king.

    EVP 2: Sire

    EVP 3: Rachel refers to an invitation for a member of the Society for Psychical Research, to join us in a seance. Then as now, we are unable to fathom the phenomena that continues to be recorded and experienced in the seance room. Sadly we are not able to say who the gentleman is but the female voice may belong to Ivy, who assists our communicators.

    EVP 3: I wanna see Rachel - no

    EVP 4: Over the last 10 years of recording, we have captured many EVP that portray our communicators preference for not being heard or seen. Who they have to report to if something goes wrong, we have no idea.

    EVP 4: do I tell - no I would not do - they have seen - shoot

    EVP 5: Rarely do we capture an answer as stunningly apt as this. Rachel often asks if our communicators are happy for us perform certain actions; this is the first time we have had confirmation of their approval of website content.

    EVP 5: They do

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