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  • October 2019

    Our Halloween meeting happily marks the return of the group to monthly seances and it certainly was a sitting to remember. This annual meeting is traditionally our most prolific for EVP capture and it proved to be every bit as exciting as we'd hoped.

    Despite sitting on a different day and at a slightly later time, sitters witnessed the return of an unusual form of light phenomena. Both Gina and Hayley described what appeared to be searchlights shining into the room, considering there is nothing but forest behind the window and the lateness of sitting, there isn't a likely explanation. This was the third time it had been reported; Rachel has never seen it at any other time when at home and alone at night in the seance room. There were many instances of wisps of smoke moving in the room that corresponded with EVP captures and voices that were clearly heard outside the seance room.

    EVP 1: The seance cabinet has been made so that it can be transported if necessary to other locations; as Rachel built it prior to this sitting she distinctly felt like she was not alone. The reply is not only exceptionally clear but immediate and could not be a better example of an intelligent response.

    EVP 1: all of us were

    EVP 2: A very loud gentleman's voice can be heard right at the beginning of this clip and his comment is insightful. We have captured many EVP over the years saying that they travel in the light or are seen in the light but not that they come from the light. Of course this doesn't provide any further clues as to where he might be referring to.

    EVP 2: I come from the light

    EVP 3: As Rachel feels the temperature drop in the seance cabinet, a clear man's voice is captured; might he mean the coldness is creeping rather than a person ?

    EVP 3: creeping down to you

    EVP 4: There are two voices at the beginning of this clip, first a man then a woman. Hayley hears something she describes as sounding rather like water pipes, whilst Gina hears electronic voices outside the room. Our full conversation is provided.

    EVP 4: I can't go with them - she's only talking

    EVP 5: Historically in physical mediumship circles, the noise of rustling silk in the seance room is a commonly documented phenomena. Although we have mentioned many times of hearing it in the room, this is the first time that a voice is captured at exactly the same time as it's reported.

    EVP 5: you really hear i do it

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