Seance October 2020

  • There are times when the erratic behaviour of technical equipment is used for good effect by communicators and this session was such an example. In the second half of the sitting, I changed to a high definition microphone and Domenic introduced an external web camera, this resulted in an odd pattern of audio feedback that we'd never heard before. Whilst much of it was just noise, there were many instances of the frequencies being modulated successfully to form speech. A few voices were audible in real time at my end, but not to Domenic.

    We tried again to establish a clearer channel for ITC pictures but images that were captured, are not suffiently recognisable for reporting. What we do know, thanks to EVP is that those on the other side are doing their best to help. Despite having no success in this session, we shall continue to try.

    Unexpectedly, we had a couple of instances of spontaneous names appear via subtitles on screen, these were relevant for Domenic but not familiar to me. We also received a brief greeting and salutation. We hope this can be developed as another stream of communication in future sessions.

    EVP 1: This comment might be expected if we were sitting in a red light seance but not for how we're currently working. However, Domenic did ask later if putting the lights out might be a benefical experiment. Maybe next time we should try it.

    EVP: go dark

    EVP 2: As we can't be sure who "her" is, it can't be taken for granted that a communicator is planning to visit me, although they would be very welcome. I will be keeping an audio recorder to hand just in case I sense the speaker is close by.

    EVP: I'll visit her

    EVP 3: Domenic had placed two experimental boxes in front of the camera for this session. These proved to be a challenge to effectively monitor. It's very encouraging that the communicator is permitting me to view emerging faces, it would be wonderful if they were able to increase my ability to capture them too.

    EVP: let her look

    EVP 4: This is the first time my nickname has been spoken whilst in a session with Domenic. I feel this bodes well because only when I'm working with trusted experimenters, will communicators call me Tudor. This session was separated from a visit to Hampton Court Palace by less than a week, it's nice to know our friends are still in touch.

    EVP: Tudor love

    EVP 5: This clip is representative of the speech possibly facillitated by the interference cause by the introduction of the high definition camera. Again, we can't assume to know whom it is that the speaker refers to. What it does highlight is that uncertainty in experimental procedures effect on both sides.

    EVP: should never've invited her, and I don't know what to do

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