21st century seance

  • Project period: 2005 - 2019

    The group initially sat as an experimental physical circle, with short periods of blackout. Progress was rapid but there were concerns that without light, we were unable to be certain that phenomena was genuine and not accidental or fraudulent. The shift to red light was not detrimental and reported phenomena continued to build.

    Phenomena reported before the introduction of recording included flashes of white light, similar to localised lightening, sounds in the room that could not possibly be real; such as a horse walking over cobblestones and on exceptionally rare occassions, the partial materialisation of a communicator. Three reported materialisations were of solid hands and one was of a fully formed head and partial neck; this was described as being pale skinned, fresh faced and approximately 1.5 times the size of Rachel's head.

    Since the introduction of audio recording, the pattern of phenomena has settled into a more consistent pattern of coloured light balls, small flashes of white light and EVPs coincidental with reported transfigurations. There are some exceptions to this pattern but they are infrequent and cannot be predicted. We have no control over the format of each session and there are frequent periods of inactivity which may or may not pass.

    We understand that the close link we forge with our communicators in regular séances, enables us to capture consistently clear EVP. We provide an insight into the ongoing development of our group by providing a selection of clips from our most recent sitting;