ITC Video Feedback Loop

    Project period: 2010 - 2019

    Rachel began experimenting with Intrumental Trans Communication (ITC) in 2010, using a video feedback loop. Whilst some pictures are verging on pareidolia, a small percentage capture undeniable facial features. Recent experiments have been combined with recording for EVP; our goal is to provide both sound and visual evidence of communication.

    The interpretations we provide are how we view the image, we accept you may see something completely different or nothing at all. If you are able to see a clear impression that in no way agrees with our interpretation, we would very much like to hear from you. Please submit your comments via the appropriate button.

    Picture 1

    There are two recognisable heads, a man in front and a woman behind, appearing possibly in middle age. The gentleman is bald on top but seems to have something akin to a garland or tie around his head. The woman has short curly hair that falls over the left side of her face.

    Picture 2

    This is a striking image of a young gentleman presenting his left side to the camera. He appears to have quite tanned skin and possibly a dark moustache. There is a feint smile visible but the white noise makes this hard to see intially.

    Picture 3

    When you first look at this picture it is moderately easy to see a young man but the longer you look, the more puzzling it becomes. The left side of the face is well formed but the right is almost clown like and the mouth appears as a wide black grimace.

    Picture 4

    Despite being very difficult to see intially, the lady's head when found is quite detailed. She has dark hair and presents her right side to the camera but the back of the head is not visible. There is a gentle smile just above where the visual noise begins.

    Picture 5

    If this image is a face it is most definiely not human. The large dark eyes and cranial shape look stereotypical of a Grey alien.