• Project period: 2016 - 2019

    April 2019

    Rachel: it's been a frustrating few months with wildly fluctuating levels of clarity in the voices captured during experimental recording. Those that were heard in this session aren't particularly clear and the quantity that were easily isolated was also reduced. Whilst not respresented here, the threats of violence continue. Rather than worrisome they are tedious and irritating, they might not result in the actions threatened but they certainly do seem to have an effect on the level of communication we have.

    EVP 1: This is the voice of a young sounding lad called Toby, he's been recorded many times at home and away on site investigations. This is the first time he's been captured speaking as part of a live EVP test.

    EVP 1: Let's try

    EVP 2: The live stream of recording does show slight spikes when clear voices are being captured in the background but this muted phrase wasn't picked up. It may be that they were having difficulty hearing my speech, or that I've misinterpreted the phrase.

    EVP 2: Can you hear Rachel

    EVP 3: This clip has captured two phenomena, an audible voice in the room - albeit very brief and a traditional EVP that wasn't picked up on the live EVP stream. There does appear to be a point in all recordings that communicators are ready to begin transmissions but we still have no idea how this is instigated.

    EVP 3: Look down - tell her we're ready

    EVP 4: The tedium in my voice is obvious during this session because the constant recording of negative comments does begin to get boring after a while. The sometimes graphaic comments won't stop the research from continuing.

    EVP 4: Hello - you've had enough for today

    EVP 5: We capture voices claiming to be specific people but none who have asked to pass on a message to those they knew; is this because the voices are not those of the deceased or because it's not permitted, we don't know.

    EVP 5: we've got to talk to you

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