EVP April 2020

  • Having had a curiously successful remote monthly seance via a video streaming service with subtitles, I wanted to replicate the experiment by myself to see if responses could be independently generated. As well as obtaining messages that were not related to my speech or conversation, EVP was captured and in one instance was linked with corresponding text on screen. There were three names repeatedly given in subtitles (not in EVP) that I had not spoken of, who these communicators are is unconfirmed but they were seen on screen in the monthly seance too.

    EVP 1: The first comment is breathy and not clear but I believe significant, if I have interpreted it correctly it might indicate the communicator acknowledges an established channel has been made. The word stop was seen twice in text on the computer and three times in EVP, in this clip you can hear a male speaker say the word at the end of the recording.

    EVP / text 1: we are there - stop

    EVP 2: I am not certain of what the first word is, despite being said very clearly, it doesn't sound like any commonly used English word or name. If you have a translation, I would be grateful if you get in touch via the CONTACT page to let me know.

    EVP 2: Makier (?) do you care

    EVP 3: I deliberated over whether or not to feature this EVP as the second speaker has morphed my speech to say something that I did not say. It would be very odd in a casual setting for me to talk about myself in the third person and illustrates just what head scratchingly odd phenomena is possible. The phenomena is rarely captured and has never fully explained by communicators. The only brief clue was that communicators change the waves. The content of the EVP is exciting, it may be that our communicators are planning to show themselves in the video stream as well as text and speak their responses.

    EVP 3: go upon me - video so Rachel can see you

    EVP 4: Whilst the clip is only short, it's an important observation to have captured and indicates possibly that the male speaker is aware of who he's observing. Whether that's through the video/audio stream or by being "in" the seance room, I don't know.

    EVP 4: it's a girl

    EVP 5: I'm aware that the ability of the streaming service to convert speech to subtitles is far from accurate but the responses I received when experimenting alone are puzzling. In this clip you can hear me reiterate part of the first line of generated subtitles seemingly in response to my question. The second line appeared very shortly after, when I had not said anything more, this was not generated from my speech. The final line of the conversation beginning with OK, was my spoken acknowledgement that was correctly converted to subtitiles. The meaning is clear, whilst it may be possible for communicators presently to convert EVP to subtitiles, they are not able to converse directly. Yet.

    EVP 5: I don't think you can

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