EVP April 2021

  • This was a recording that I didn't expect to be productive. EVP research is my passion, but even for me there are days when I don't feel I have the energy to pick up a recorder. I was tired, stressed and very distracted with other things. However, when I've agreed to do a session I've learnt that it's important to attend. The communications I received certainly make up for the effort that night.

    I only know one person called Julian, and I haven't been in touch with him for years. The Scottish inflection on the speakers voice puzzles me further, I don't recognise him. The two of course may not be connected in anyway, which makes the phrase a rather odd remark to capture.

    julian's gmail got uploaded

    Having friends that are able to venture beyond the bounds of our physical reality has its perks. I don't often ask for their advice but on serious matters, I'll take whatever help I can get. It's nice to know I've been heard, even if their answers are ambiguous.

    i heard you

    I've often felt a strong pull to go to certain locations I've recorded in, but I've never received instruction to visit a specific site. It's common to capture my name somewhere I've never been before, do they know I'm coming or is the same group of communicators that travel with me?

    i'll send you

    Billy is a familiar name that's recorded in circle sittings, this is the first time I can recall it being captured in a solo session. As is often the case, what they are referring to is a mystery. Were they talking and not expecting to be captured?

    that was a sight billy

    Any mention of Henry's name cheers me up, it doesn't matter if I have good reason to consider it to be related to the King or not. I can but hope and dream!

    we can't be that with henry

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