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    August 2019

    Rachel: this session was considerably more upbeat than of late. Maybe because of this the voices captured were vocally stronger, with more tonal refinement. Having only experimented for 20 minutes, I was surprised at how many voices came through in the short time-span, usually it takes longer before clear voices are heard when alone. I'm hoping this bodes well for the busy period of sittings and investigations ahead of us.

    EVP 1: I have been reading about the life and work of Anton LaVey, founder of The Church of Satan and wondered if it might be possible to capture his voice. Sadly I doubt the speaker is he but the word is clear.

    EVP 1: abyss

    EVP 2: I was discussing the logistical problems of holding a physical circle, and how despite the trials and tribulations, I missed sitting. The speaker who sounds male, comes in after my first sentence.

    Live EVP 2: what are you saying

    Live EVP 3: This was captured at the end of the previous conversation. I'm not sure if the speaker is exasperated with my questioning or frustrated at my inability to pick up his voice on the laptop; this clip was recorded on the dictaphone.

    Live EVP 3: praise the lord

    EVP 4: Although not really a reply, more of an observation by the speaker, it's still a good capture. I was saying that whilst my life spent researching parapsychology couldn't be described as easy, it has been interesting and very different.

    EVP 4: see you

    EVP 5: This last clip is the hardest to hear but if it has been correctly interpreted, it's by far the most interesting. Both voices sound male and speak very quickly, this is how it was captured and has not been adjusted.

    EVP 5: it's our dimension - tell her to record it

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