EVP August 2021

  • I'd had to take a break for a few months due to other projects, but I was eager to return to recording and to hear who was around me. Of late I've heard the odd voice spoken aloud around the house when I wasn't expecting it and though I tried to put it down to tiredness, they persist at all hours. It's only two syllables at most and more likely to be a woman's voice. I hope to find out soon, who it is.

    When I haven't recorded for a while, there's a nagging feeling to return and before long I have to pick up a recorder. With the conferencing software open, I begin the call and was astonished to receive messages informing me that testing was taking place. I quite expected to be told off, it had been a much longer break than I had anticipated.

    It's been a difficult year and having a break was unavoidable, there are only so many hours in the day and something had to give. Receiving messages like this makes me feel a little guilty, I don't like to stop recording and loose touch with our friends on the other side.

    the world had lost you

    It's lovely to hear Helen's voice again and wonderful to hear that she's returned to help me. Even when I don't sense her around me, I'll often pick up brief messages mentioning her name.

    sorry - I know i'll take over there

    I appreciate that it must be very frustrating for the communicators I work with, to have a delay in response to their comments. We are working our way towards fluent conversations but they're still a way off yet.

    i spoke with you

    I don't know if the man who speaks is fed up with me, but he doesn't sound overly enthusiastic. You can't please everyone.

    d'you like her

    I was receiving text messages telling me that they were testing the channel. When I ask for a name I am told to ask Robbie, but I've no idea who he is and what isn't working.

    that's not helping just ask robbie - silence is tried

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