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    December 2018

    I'm not entirely sure why this recording did not go smoothly but the equipment performed inconsistently and it was very hard to hear the voices on playback of the live stream. The clarity of voices captured were reduced on the digital recorder and all of the following clips have had to be cleaned, which is unusual in itself. Many comments were received stating they were unable to hear me, it was obviously a two way problem.

    EVP 1: The title says it all, I was having trouble seeing them on the monitor and they were obviously not able to pick up the sound waves from my voice or impressions psychically.

    EVP 1: Can't hear you

    EVP 2: There are certain questions that scientists ask that I am unable to answer but they still persist, I am surprised that this speaker wants to engage with them and cautiously optimistic the next questionner may receive an answer.

    EVP 2: We can prepare

    EVP 3: It is unusual in a live sitting that communicators make visual contact of me, sadly I was unable to see them but I could feel a field of static like energy over my head as this voice as captured.

    EVP 3: I see you

    EVP 4: There have been numerous mentions of Aleister Crowley of late and a statement that he'd like to talk with me. With recent developments in the circle and personally, I am intrigued to know what may come next.

    EVP 4: You're Crowley

    EVP 5: Whilst I am unable to define what the voice is saying, it was easily heard in the room. There have been a growing number of voices heard by all members of the group in seances, it would be wonderful to achieve two way communication. We can but hope.

    EVP 5: Unclear Direct Voice

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