EVP December 2021

  • This session was held on Boxing day, when Tracey joined us for the holidays. It wasn't possible to perform our red light seance, so we decided to try an experimental recording instead. This method of working is very different from our usual pattern, but the results are encouraging.

    In the same week, I heard three unusual experiences in my bedroom. The first was the audible voice of a gentleman, whose utterance I couldn't quite grasp. The second, which happened the following evening, were three distinct loud knocks. The name given in this clip is unknown to me, and isn't common on the internet. Without further information, it won't be possible to trace who he is.

    to rachel i'm mr hetty

    As I sat at my desk, to the left of me a bright moving light captured my attention. Turning my head, I watched as it snaked and danced out of my bedroom door. It was delicate and pretty, lasting approximately three seconds before fading. If the communicator who spoke did know who or what it was, he wasn't going to let on.

    life's just too much to tell

    Tracy's and my own natural curiousity of how we communicate and with whom, is often discussed. Whilst we are assured that we are in contact with those who have passed on from their mortal bodies, they're not the only forms who communicate through EVP. It is not unusual for me to record the voices of those who openly express the desire for us to cease working through EVP; why they want us to stop remains a mystery.

    why don't you attempt to stop this

    We accept that to be given a full and frank account of our futures is not possible. Speakers are not permitted to provide us with information that would deviate us from our actions or place us in peril. This website has been de-ranked in a search engine and our exposure on social platforms, muffled. Why this should be, is unclear. We do not pose a threat to anybody, or cause offense, and make no profit from our work.

    they wish to see their futures

    tell them now

    they want us too bad

    the depth of this devotion

    Not surprisingly we covered current global and local events; discussing how we might mitigate restrictions and how we might work together in whatever way was possible; albeit remotely if necessary. The current political climate triggered me to ask a delicate question.

    tonight we are a group

    they're immune from a virus

    My archive of solo experimental recordings dates from 2008 to 2021, however, only the previous 12 months will feature on the website. Notification of new recordings will be posted on the home page and via subscription on our YouTube channel.

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