EVP May 2022

  • With the return of a dedicated seance room, I was eager to sit alone as I had in our previous room, to see how it compared. Whilst there was undoubtably an unquantifable energy present, the atmosphere has yet to build but I sense it has potential. With the red light dimmed low, I was able to discern multiple minute moving white lights, none sadly lasting more than a second. In marked contrast to the group seance, there were no knocks or bangs and the house was remarkably quiet.

    Solo recordings made in the seance room are very different in character compared with my ITC experiments. There is little background noise and voices are easier to recognise and isolate. This being the first session, I did not expect to capture any class A voices but was delighted to be disproved. The overall quantity of captures was low but most responses were direct answers to my questions.

    This gentleman's name was the only one captured during this sitting; Barry features 21 times in my archive, although the speaker's voice varies considerably. It's impossible to know whether the energy manifesting is Barry, or another communicator is simply informing me of his name.


    Following on from my previous sitting, I was discussing our communicator's ability to discern our problems and acknowledging that they aren't permitted to advise us on personal dilemmas.

    just can't

    As I sat down in the cabinet, I mentally heard a request to close the door but being alone in the house, I did not get up. I shall endevour to always mimic full physical seance conditions in future solo sessions.

    oh please shut door

    Receiving such a helpful reply is greatly appreciated and incredibly satisfying, even when it isn't brilliantly clear. The proximity of the recorder to myself, has always been a constant for the quality of captures; physically the further away a recording devise sits, the lower the quality of the voices.

    put it next to you

    I live on the very edge of a forest and entering under the leafy canopy, to my right, I heard a large tree creaking that sounded close. The cracking of a felled trunk is distinctive and I felt a thump as it hit the forest floor. Looking over to the where I heard it fall, which was approximately 100 meters away, I saw the black outlined head and shoulders of a man whom I presume had cut down the tree. I know the paths well, so decided to go and see what was going on. When I arrived in the area, nothing had come down and there was nobody to see. It wasn't until I got home, that I realised I hadn't seen a physical tree fall, it was just sound and vibration I experienced. Close to where I was are the remains of a house that was long since demolished, however, as far as I know the inhabitants moved out many years before its demise. I wonder who it was I saw, it was certainly not an animal.

    it was a deer

    Please note: my archive of solo experimental recordings dates from 2008 to 2022, however, only a select number will feature on the website. Notification of new recordings will be posted on the home page and via subscription on our YouTube channel.

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