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    DECEMBER 2019

    Rachel: EVP captured in this short session are probably the poorest quality heard for a considerable time. My energy levels at the time of the recording were very low as I was recovering from pneumonia and physically very tired. Whilst there logically should be no correlation between my physical state and the strength of the voices, historically I've documented the difference that being well and healthy has on my ability to record. I am hopeful of a return to better clarity as my health improves.

    EVP 1: I had requested assistance from our communicator with a new project and rather hopefully thought they might know who best to approach, sadly not. We sometimes stupidly assume that those we correspond with have omnipotent abilities, they do not and are limited as to what they are able to help us with and how they go about it.

    EVP 1: I will to who

    EVP 2: Over the last few weeks in comments on our YouTube channel, there were numerous questions as to why when we record in historic buildings, those who are captured speak predominently with an English accent and use modern grammar. I have no explanation. It would be lazy to assume that when we visit a building the voices of those who we know to have lived there might be forthcoming but why should they? We have no firm grasp on the time or state that the speaker exists in and communicates to us from. If they used my mind to modulate their responses, it might therefore be logical for the resultant replies to be in a familiar accent but I have no proof of that.

    EVP 2: I need to be here

    EVP 3: This gentleman's voice came after a lengthy gap in my conversation. I had been asking previously for help and guidance with recordings, the reply I captured is assuring but not helpful. The frustration with brief EVP is that its translation and meaning can be ambiguous. Thankfully the lull in clarity should in time improve, with patience and dedication to the recording schedule.

    EVP 3: They want you

    EVP 4: In the first few years of recording, we routinely captured astounding clear but nonsensical messages, their frequency made it easier to recognise abstract phrases. In addition at the time, a small amount of class A messages having been easily and immediately understood by those present, when rereviewed only hours later, were completely changed to say something completely different. The more abstract the content, the longer it takes to accept that what you are hearing is a likely interpretation and the next two clips are fresh examples of mutated phrases post review. When I set this clip aside on my desktop for inclusion on the page, my translation was of two gentleman saying "I can't make her - she's around me", which is nothing like the new translation. Make of it what you will.

    EVP 4: I can't knit - dude there's carpet

    EVP 5: This translation is different to that given at the time of review. It may be argued that the poor quality of the clip and my fatigue led to an alternative understanding but I do not believe this to be the case. EVP4 and EVP5 are the first instances of post review revisions for a very long time.

    EVP 5: I want to see her

    Last Sitting