• Project period: 2016 - 2018

    This project is soley undertaken by Rachel and these clips are from the most recent recording session.

    Unlike sitting in a seance, which is best done with clockwork regularity, this has been realtively successful from the start despite irregular session times. Whilst there does appear to be a crossover of communicators that feature in seances, there are also a small group who appear dedicated to this project alone.

    Rachel defines Live EVP as being the capture of communication obtained during recordings that are played audibly during capture; therefor allowing the reviewer to hear extraneous voices as they are spoken. It is sometimes possible to hear clearly what is being said but more often than not, immediate review is required. A large percentage of voices are also captured as traditional EVP, meaning that you are unable to hear the speaker during capture but you will see a wave form on the recording.

    EVP 1: Basil the cat often causes chaos on the desk whilst Rachel is recording or reviewing and it's not unusual for communicators to mention him by name. What Rachel did not know at this point was that Basil had left a dead mouse behind her chair.

    EVP 1: Err that one took a mouse

    EVP 2: This elerly womans voice was only heard as a mumble on the live recording but on review after, her words are very clear. Unfortunately Rachel does not know who the speaker is, she does not sound like any of our regular communicators.

    EVP 2: Could you die there?

    EVP 3: During the live recording, only a distorted voice was heard and it was not possible to make out the words, on review however this was recognised as the voice of Helen, one of our most frequent Scottish communicators, it's always good to hear her voice.

    EVP 3: She's prone to worry

    EVP 4: At the time of recording these gentlemen's voices sounded like knocks but on review it was easy to hear their message, although it appears more as an overheard conversation.

    EVP 4: Who are we? - It's your procedure

    EVP 5: Rachel's black boat features in the picture below and over the years, many successful EVP recording sessions were held onboard. This recording session was held in the seance room but maybe the speaker had previously visited Rachel on the boat.

    EVP 5: Black Boat - That's not here