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    February 2019

    This recording was not scheduled but took place as a result of voices being heard during a phone call between Francesca and Rachel. At first the anomalies were like feint distortions but as the call progressed they were heard as voices and musical tones. The first two clips below illustrate how it sounded at the time, the remaining three clips are traditional EVP and were not heard whilst we talked. The content of the EVP is still very pertinent, demonstrating intelligence and an ability to discern who we are and what we are doing.

    Breakthrough 1: The conversation was centering on a friend that neither had heard from for some time but who had spontaneously been brought to mind recently, at the same time and seemingly for no reason. The clip which is best heard with earphones, is most likely about a gentleman that facilitates the building of faces in séances and on exceptionally rare occasions materialisation. Jack is a trusted communicator and is most welcome to control the direction of our sittings.

    Breakthrough 1: Jack will allow me - Jack will control you

    Breakthrough 2: This clip was recorded during the same conversation about our friend. The noise that is reported and captured is unlike anything heard or recorded before. The translation of the first tone, if it is a word is impossible and the following words are our best guess. Whilst admittedly ambiguous, the communication is nevertheless very interesting and we can only hope that it develops into clearer speech during future calls.

    Breakthrough 2: noise - yeah a note - Browning

    EVP 3: Many years ago before recordings began in the seance group, a small amount of heads were reported as being seen with no sclera visible, only shiny black lenses. For no reason Rachel mentioned cases of children being reported with a similar description; searching online during the call, it turned out the friend mentioned in the first two clips had just published a book that mentioned the seeing of children with black eyes. A curious coincidence, we would be very pleased to see the return of the black eyed visitors in séances.

    EVP 3: will come back to you

    EVP 4: Rachel was browsing pages of their aforementioned friend's book and describing an entry to Francesca. The speaker makes an entertaining comment that yet again refers to Rachel as being a witch. In whatever state the speakers exist, surely they must still retain their religious beliefs and understanding to define Rachel as having the skill of necromancy?

    EVP 4: don't help the witch

    EVP 5: Although being clear and easy to understand, the meaning of the words is puzzling. Psi in parapsychology is more frequently used to describe an ability to use precogniscence, extrasensory perception or psychokinesis. Rachel has long practiced remote viewing, might this be what the speaker is referring to?

    EVP 5: you see psi

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